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Do you struggle with gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux, changes in stool or unexplained weight loss?

Nurture Your Gut for Better Health

During the summer months, evergreens are the quiet participant in the summer landscape. Providing boundaries, privacy, strength...

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Welcome to the Juniper Row Wellness Journal, a collection of thoughtful articles and posts created by extraordinary women. Wellness is a complicated yet crucial topic covering everything from the water we drink (or don't) to the careers we love (or wish we did). It is, as we will learn together with delight and amazement, so much more than food and exercise. I invite you to meet my friends and colleagues who make Juniper Row so special and to explore the articles, the insight, the fun, and the guiding light of wisdom we all have to share.

I’m Beth. Certified health coach and here for you.