I struggled for years to learn the secret my coaching clients
discover in
Week 1.

Beth Fletcher

What's the secret? I'm about to tell you, but in 2015 no one was there to tell me. Honestly, if
someone had told me, I don’t think I would have been ready to hear it.



But I was open to hearing about nutrition. That summer, I had gone on a business trip to the Pacific Northwest, and some wonderful people made some wonderful food that absolutely rocked my world. So, when it came to revolutionizing my diet, I was a believer. 100 percent. Whole, quality, DELICIOUS food was a game changer for me, but it was just the beginning . . . and it was not enough.

I wasn’t getting enough sleep. I was drinking alcohol regularly
and (I see this in retrospect) excessively.
I worked out when I could, but I was crazy busy. And if Health Coach Beth had told 2015 Beth to go to bed earlier, to wake up earlier, to work out more, and/or to stop drinking? 2015 me would have laughed in my own face.
(Spoiler alert: none of those things are the secret. It’s coming soon, I promise.)

I had picked up one really helpful habit, but the habits that harm us
have a way of keeping positive change at bay.

Fast forward to a few years and a few lessons later: at 40 years old, I had a baby. She was and
is a miracle, but that pregnancy was HARD. My body felt like it got hit by a truck. My daughter
was born in January 2018, and when 2019 rolled around, I was still having people ask me when
my baby was due.

Even now, when I post my “before” pictures, people accuse me of using my pregnancy photos
to make it look more dramatic.

Are you ready for the big secret? For a secret, it’s going to sound super obvious: I felt terrible...
and I recognized that I felt terrible.

That might not seem like a big deal at all, but let me tell you something. As a woman, and especially as a mom, I think we are trained to ignore how we feel.

Men do this too, don’t get me
wrong, but I think the reasoning is a bit different.

For us, ignoring our feelings is like this weird act of
sacrificial love, somehow.
You know what I mean?

Have you experienced this?
We get this sense of glory in pushing our feelings aside.

We focus on caring for
other people.

We shine a spotlight on
other people.

And we act like ignoring how we feel helps everybody else.
It’s so messed up, and it doesn’t even work.
It backfires for EVERYONE.

And it gets worse.

Because, what happens when I look down at the scale and see that number that is higher than I’ve ever seen it?

I feel guilty. I feel ashamed. I feel like the problem is ME.

I have eaten too much. I have been too lazy.

I have been too selfish.


When we don’t pay attention to how we feel—when we don’t prioritize our feelings—we don’t include our feelings on the list of reasons to change.
Our feelings don’t factor into the solutions we seek out.

And what do we do to people who fail, who are selfish, who we judge, who behave badly?

We punish those people.

So when a diet limits me to half the calories required by a normal adult human? That’s a punishment I think I deserve.

When an exercise regimen feels like torture? That’s what I get for being selfish.

 When my whole family is having pizza while I throw my single-serving frozen brick of crap into the microwave, maybe I’ll remember this well-earned misery the next time I spoil myself with too much “good” food.

Isn’t it incredible that we expect this approach to work?

Is there anyone else on the planet you would treat like this?

That’s why the secret really is to pay attention to how you feel. Because you deserve to have someone who doesn’t ignore your feelings.

You deserve to be taken care of.

You can’t be well and simultaneously ignore your basic needs or your own cries for help.

I'll say it again: I felt horrible.

And when I gave myself five seconds to let that sink in, I automatically, instinctively knew I didn’t want to feel that way anymore and that I DESERVED to feel better.


this is your invitation.

I remembered how good I felt when I ate good, whole, delicious food.

I remembered how good I felt every time I worked out. I joined a gym (F45, baby) that was designed to eliminate the things
that make people at the gym feel like crap (goodbye, mirrors). I was terrified to go, but I believed it would feel amazing.

And I was right

Now, in order to go to the gym, I had to go to bed earlier. Had to. I did and, once again, it felt so good to get to bed earlier.

 Going to bed earlier meant fewer drinks at night, and that . . . actually felt good too.
It felt so good, in fact, that I effectively quit drinking altogether.
Guess how that felt?

You’re damn right it felt good.

So that’s what I did. In the summer of 2019, people thought I was pregnant.
By the summer of 2020,
I had become a certified health coach.

I knew very early on in this phase of my wellness
journey that coaching was something I wanted to do
, and that plan accelerated when the
pandemic shut down my photography business for several months. I worked and studied my butt off so I could start helping clients as soon as I could.

And I want to start helping you
as soon as I can.

At this point, you might be wondering, If paying attention to how I’m feeling is the secret and it’s THAT simple, why do I need help from a health coach? And to that, my answer is, maybe you
don’t need my help. For a lot of people, successful lifestyle changes happen largely on their own.

And if my experience and my words help you discover your own journey without any more help from me, I would be thrilled.

You alone can make this journey happen. But you do not have to go it alone. And study after study indicate that success rates go up significantly when individuals partner with a health coach.

So let me ask you: How are you feeling?

Four, five . . .eight years ago, that question was too scary for me to answer. If it’s as scary for you as it was for me, let’s look at it a little differently.

When would you like to start feeling great? Next year or next week? It took me years to do it on my own. My clients notice a difference right away.

The thing about trying to examine your feelings on your own is that it’s nearly impossible to separate yourself from what you’re feeling. As difficult as it is to express feelings that are raw and painful and deep, it’s twice as difficult to do all of that internally.

It’s like you’re trying to be the speaker and the listener. That’s a huge ask of yourself.
If you’re ready to start feeling better now, I’m ready to help. I’m ready to listen.

I have LOVED helping clients launch similar, sustainable transformations in their own lives with my own company and practice, Juniper Row Wellness.

After a year and a half of listening to clients and helping them discover successful paths forward, in 2022, we expanded to include group
wellness coaching, and I discovered something unexpected: the power of community.

My one-on-one clients enjoy total privacy, and that’s a great thing. But in a group setting, finding
out that other people are going through the same struggles and aspiring to the same goals is an
incredibly empowering experience.

And that’s why this year Juniper Row Wellness launched an online community dedicated to
making wellness a WE thing.
It’s called Wellness Revolution, and every one-on-one client receives a complimentary membership ($19.99/month value). Participation for my one-on-clients is 100% optional but highly recommended.

here for you.

If you know you want one-on-one help right now, let’s get that process started.

We're currently offering a six-month coaching package at a special online rate.

If you’re not sure what route to take, but you know it’s time to do something, I invite you to join Wellness Revolution. The community is strong and supportive and filled with people just like you on the road to feeling amazing.

There are proven, data-driven programs designed to walk you through each stage of your wellness journey and lots of empowering, encouraging and
informative content and interaction at your fingertips. It’s a wellspring of positivity and motivation (but . . . you know, not in an annoying way). And right now, you can join Wellness Revolution at no risk. If you join today, you can start receiving personal guidance and community support right this minute—and if at any time in the
first month you decide it’s not for you, you can cancel and receive a full refund.

What I hear from a lot of people is this: I’ve tried before and failed. What makes this program
any different?

 What makes Juniper Row Wellness and the Wellness Revolution different from the programs that have failed you in the past? The same thing every single Juniper Row Wellness client receives:

Every coaching program is fully personalized to your needs, your history, your goals, and your feelings.

What kind of wellness program would this be if I told you to focus on your feelings and then offered you a pre-packaged, cookie-cutter plan?

(The kind of plan destined to fail or fizzle out after initial success, that’s what.)

Juniper Row Wellness coaching puts YOU at the center of your own wellness journey.

I will listen intently to your story and pay attention to your feelings and the unique twists and turns and
strengths and preferences that make you who you are today.

Recommendations that work brilliantly for another client might not yield results for you, and that’s totally okay.

Together, we are going to find solutions that make YOU feel better and that YOU enjoy, because if you don’t LOVE a particular food or movement option, you won’t feel particularly motivated to keep doing it.

We’re going to find a path you love, so it’s not a challenge to stay on course. We design every step to feel like a gift you deserve. If the programs you tried in the past had been designed specifically and effectively FOR YOU, I don’t think you’d still be reading.

And now, it’s time to move from words to actions.

Are you ready to feel better? Of course you are. Choose the option that feels right for you.



Wellness Revolution membership included FREE