My Favorite Things

Beth Fletcher

I opened my shop with the sole purpose of finding goods that would improve someone’s day, or improving just a moment in time. I think there is such joy in a slow, calm bedtime routine. I think there is huge benefits to starting a morning with a favorite mug and a beautiful journal. I think there is such peace in lighting a favorite candle and sitting with its inherit peacefulness.

My search began, finding quality products created by individuals across the world, products created by individuals who pour their heart and soul into their products. Products that can not be found on Amazon.

Here are a few of my favorite things, but make no mistake…every product in my store, is my favorite. That’s why it’s there.

Lavender Body Lotion

by Lavende

The most perfectly scented lotion I
have ever used. Smooth, creamy, with the most
natural lavender scent. This is not a perfumed
lavender scent, it’s the real deal and I use it
every single evening before bed.


Oak + Reed Yoga Mat

The best yoga mat I have ever met and let me tell you,
I’ve met a lot.
Non-slip, perfect thickness and beautiful.


Farm Kitchen Candles

When I say I researched candles, I mean I RESEARCHED
candles and these I have carried from the very beginning.
Wonderful scents and long lasting.


Gradient Chakra Bracelet

One of the first products I looked for when opening this shop, was a Chakra Bracelet.
Never settling, I finally found the perfect one 18 months after my search began.
I am thrilled and so in love with this bracelet. I believe everyone should be wearing one.


I’m sure this list will always be changing, here are a few other products that I use every single day:

Drift Body Balm (I put on my wrists before bed.)

Lavander Room Spray (I use this before bed and before yoga.)

Elemental Water Bottles (These are so pretty AND durable!)

Happy, happy shopping!

February 4, 2022


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