7 One-Minute Practices to Jump Start Your Day

Beth Fletcher

Your alarm goes off and maybe you hit snooze, once…maybe 2 or 3 times. You remember what day it is and what lays ahead, maybe it’s stressful or maybe it’s an easy day but either way there’s one thing we want you to NOT do before telling you what we want you to do…

Leave your phone on your nightstand. Do not check your email, Facebook, text messages or Instagram. That action alone starts your day with intention.

So, you’ve left your phone on your nightstand, you’ve gone potty, started the coffee pot and done your daily personal tasks.

Here’s what’s next…

Minute one: stretch your body, touch your toes, reach for the sky, twist at the torso, look down, look up. Repeat, repeat. and go ahead and repeat again.

Minute two: Sit and breathe, whether it’s on the side of the bed or sitting at the table or directly on the floor, take good deep cleansing breaths.

Minute three: Make your bed.

Minute four: Drink a glass of water.

Minute five: Get out your gratitude journal, or any notebook, or a random piece of paper. Make a list of thing you are grateful for.

Minute six: Meditate. Take the time to clear your head. If a thought pops up, that’s ok! Acknowledge and move on.

Minute seven: Set your intentions for the day. This could be a to-do list or way of harnessing your feelings about yourself and the day ahead. The overall theme of this should be to have a good, positive, productive day.

If you do these seven tasks each day and make it a habit…you could change your life for the better.

February 2, 2022


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