The Meditation Room.

this moment, right now, is for you.


 “I call the high and light aspects of my being spirit and the dark and heavy aspects soul.
Soul is at home in the deep shaded valleys.
Heavy torpid flowers saturated with black grow there.
The rivers flow like warm syrup. They empty into huge oceans of soul.
Spirit is a land of high, white peaks and glittering jewel-like lakes and flowers.
Life is sparse and sound travels great distances.
There is soul music, soul food, and soul love.
People need to climb the mountain not because it is there
But because the soulful divinity need to be mated with the Spirit.
Deep down we must have a real affection for each other, a clear recognition of our shared human status. At the same time we must openly accept all ideologies and systems as means of solving humanity's problems. No matter how strong the wind of evil may blow, the flame of truth cannot be extinguished                                                                                 Dalai Lama XIV

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”

room to breathe



The details

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

Breathe in through your nose, slowly and deeply. Exhale and feel your stomach relax.

Focus on breathing this way for a couple of minutes until it become rhythmic and effortless.

Notice if you have fallen into any distractions and return your awareness to your breathing.

focus on breath

but when you can, you should. 
Next time you pick up your phone to check social media...

Rest your hands in your lap. Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. In through your nose, out through your mouth. Visualize positivity coming in and negativity going out. 

it's hard to put the phone down.

thich nhat hanh

"The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it."

eckhart tolle

“When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.”