Why Juniper?


During the summer months, evergreens are the quiet participant in the summer landscape. Providing boundaries, privacy, strength and sometimes a break from the steamy hot sun. The rest of the landscape is bold and new, colorful and full of fragrance, stealing the show with its beauty. But as the fall fades into another winter, standing tall and sure, is the evergreen. Providing color and texture and berries for our birds during the sark, cold months.

The evergreen is a reminder that even during our darkest days, weeks, months, there is something that will be there, for us, as a reminder that life is always happening and evolving. And so, Juniper, the sweet, soft smell and feel is our evergreen, to remind us, that there is always something there, in the corner with you, always there, with you, ready to support you.

We hope that Juniper Row Wellness does the exact same thing for you. We will always be here…just for you.

February 6, 2022


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