What to do with those Halloween candy temptations

Beth Fletcher

The Halloween candy is calling. Can you hear the Snickers snickering from across the room? They’re practically begging you to come undress them and pop them in your mouth.

The Reese’s Pumpkins you bought as a treat for the well-behaved kids in your neighborhood have turned into jack-o-lanterns taunting, “You can’t resist us! You can’t resist us!”

Even the Tootsie Rolls and the impossible-to-chew peanut butter balls wrapped in orange wax paper have become irresistible.

Tips for Cutting Back on Halloween Candy

So how are you supposed to get through Halloween without hiding in the closet with a bag of Kit Kats in one hand and M&Ms in the other? It’s easy! Okay, it’s not, but there are some ways to manage the cravings.

Each year, I set out a wide variety of food long before trick-or-treating begins. I load it with all sorts of cheeses and meats (I believe it’s now referred to as a char-boo-terie board). Also, I include veggies and fruit, meatballs and chips and salsa. I like my food to be hearty, which is necessary when you’re going up against Twix Bars and Milky Ways.

And tip #2? Just eat the candy.

Go into the Halloween season knowing that if you want candy, you can eat it. If you don’t want it, don’t eat it. If you eat it and eat a lot of it, that’s okay.

Stay Mindful

As you enjoy your favorite treats, pay attention to how you feel after. Do you feel sluggish? Does your heart rate increase? Can you tell that your body reacts negatively to a large amount of sugar? (This data is important for future meet-ups with our candy friends.)

And once your candy feast is over, whether it’s on Halloween or a few days after, just get back to regular eating. Choose foods that fuel your body, that make you feel good. Try not to allow a few beautiful moments with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups decide the fate of your health and food choices for the rest of your life.

It’s just a few days . . . enjoy it!

October 26, 2022


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