Drinking water should be easy. So how can you make it doable?

Beth Fletcher

Some people naturally excel at drinking water while others, well, they don’t. But drinking water isn’t a problem unless you’re not drinking enough. Your skin suffers, your joints ache, water promotes cell health and helps to regular body temperature. The list goes on and on.

Yes, we know…YOU KNOW all of this but it’s still so dang hard. Here’s a list of ways to try to help you consume more water.

  1. Remind yourself that drinking water will make you feel better. Can you imagine depriving your favorite plant from water? Or your favorite flowers in the summer, what if you just stopped giving it water? Your body is no different. Don’t treat your plant better than you treat yourself.
  2. Find a vessel that you love. Figure out what checks your boxes for a great water vessel. Does it have to have a reusable straw? Flip top lid? A handle? (we LOVE our water bottles.) If the bottle is so wide it’s hard to carry, you won’t. If it’s too wide for your cup holder in your car, you won’t bring it with you.
  3. What type of water tastes the best to you? What temperature do you prefer? Freezing cold? Air temperature? Do you need to add lemon or cucumber? Figure this out and whatever you figure out, make it a priority to always have what you need available.
  4. Never leave home without it. Wherever you are, water should be next to you. In the car? Next to you. At the gym? Next to you. Flying to Aruba. Take me with you, I mean, have your water with you at all times.
  5. Cut soda. ACK! Yes, I went there. In my dream world, you’re looking at soda and realizing that you don’t need it and that it’s only harming your body and negatively affecting how you feel. By cutting your soda intake, your body is able to better alert you when it’s thirsty, which is a natural reminder to drink more water.
  6. Make a goal, keep it simple and attainable and don’t forget to keep track. A good goal for water intake is drinking half of your body weight in water.
  7. Make this a gradual change. If you decide to drink 90 ounces of water tomorrow and today you’re only drinking 10 ounces, you are less likely to maintain this change. Make a small goal and increase a little bit each day.
  8. Don’t focus on your bathroom trips. A common response I get to drinking more water is “I have to pee too many times!” This is a good thing. Think of drinking water and eliminating urine has a natural flushing out of toxins in your body. It’s a beautiful!

Drinking water is one of those things that isn’t going to go away. It’s not a fad and it’s not an option. It’s time to embrace this with wide open, perfectly lubricated, arms.

February 3, 2022


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