Can Having a Health Coach Really Make a Difference?

Beth Fletcher

I became interested in becoming a health coach when I had finally reached a level of health in my own life that I hadn’t seen or felt for years. But my goal as a health coach wasn’t just to see dramatic weight loss or before and after photos, that was just a result of my work. My ultimate reason was to get clients to a place where becoming healthy was the biggest priority and that’s hard to do.

We all want health, but we also want ice cream and burgers.
We all want wellness, but we also want alcohol and time on the couch. It’s a balancing act that sometimes feels impossible but it is achievable and is easier to achieve with the help of a health coach.

Health Coaches are trained to get you unstuck, coaches ask questions to get you thinking about how you can overcome challenges. With a health coach, the goal is figuring out what isn’t right and how we can fix it, together.

Without a coach, you are relying on willpower completely for weight loss. That will only work for so long.

Having a coach is about self-discovery. Coaches help you to focus on your strengths and use them to your advantage. They also help you see your weaknesses and how to persevere through them rather than using weaknesses as an excuse.

I chose to be an integrative health coach, which means we focus on the whole self. Mind, body, spirit. We focus on sleep, movement, stress, relationships, time management, relationships and meditation.

The misconception is that health coaches are there for menu planning or for creating tasks for you to complete. Both are completely false, they are there to provide accountability, encouragement and unconditional support.

Reaching health goals is challenging, health coaches can help you climb that mountain that feels impossible and help create a life that is fulfilling, balanced and…healthy!

February 2, 2022


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