You know it's time for a change. A real change. But you don't need a diet that deprives you or a workout routine that punishes you. You need care, guidance, and a little bit of hope. To find what you've been looking for, you just need the courage . . . to click.

- Private coaching calls to ensure this 12-week wellness program is customized to your specific needs and interests
- A supporting community to keep you encouraged, confident, and thriving in your wellness journey
-An in-depth, guided program that takes you from fundamental self-care and restoration to fully developed nutritional and fitness goals that get you feeling great about YOU every single step of the way in a lifestyle that's sustainable and enjoyable.

Another revolution is coming
May 22nd! 


But I was open to hearing about nutrition. That summer, I had gone on a business trip to the Pacific Northwest, and some wonderful people made some wonderful food that absolutely rocked my world. So, when it came to revolutionizing my diet, I was a believer. 100 percent. Whole, quality, DELICIOUS food was a game changer for me, but it was just the beginning . . . and it was not enough.

I wasn’t getting enough sleep. I was drinking alcohol regularly
and (I see this in retrospect) excessively.
I worked out when I could, but I was crazy busy. And if Health Coach Beth had told 2015 Beth to go to bed earlier, to wake up earlier, to work out more, and/or to stop drinking? 2015 me would have laughed in my own face.
(Spoiler alert: none of those things are the secret. It’s coming soon, I promise.)

I had picked up one really helpful habit, but the habits that harm us
have a way of keeping positive change at bay.


Group zoom coaching calls will be held at different times each week to accomodate different schedules. All calls will be recorded and available for the duration of the program.

Participants have the option to purchase an additional 30 minute coaching call to be used at any point throughout the program. Coaching sessions can lead to increased clarity, motivation and create a unique, personalized perspective that typically is not found during a group call. (two are already included in this wellness revolution program.)

I'm in! Sign me up!

It is nice to belong to a group of like-minded individuals, who are trying to achieve the save things you are. They are my people, and I feel so comfortable with them. And Beth wants the best for everyone. Those things alone make this a wonderful experience for me.

This group has meant more to me than I ever expected. It really helped me tackle my goals knowing we were all going through similar struggles and I wasn't alone. I love the weekly calls and always look forward to meeting with Beth and the rest of our group.  

on the fence?

On the fence about this program?

What they said...

The Juniper Row Wellness Revolution program combines two game-changing features that might seem like contradictions: the customized attention and guidance you'd expect from a personal health coach and the community support and accountability of a group class or fitness program.
We've combined the best of both worlds to give you a team mentality to help you grow consistently and a personalized approach to make sure you're getting exactly what you need and want out of this 12-week (and potentially lifelong) course.

Forever Unique. 
Never alone.

  • Two private coaching sessions so we can understand your unique needs and goals and customize the program to who you are and where you want to be

  • Weekly group Zoom calls will keep you encouraged and focused in your commitment to seeing perfect harmony between your heart and your habits

  • Relationships and mindsets that can last a lifetime as, together, we unlearn detrimental thought patterns and relearn life-giving, joy-producing approaches to the way we relate to food, to each other, and to ourselves

  • Downloads, goals, and action steps that will serve as guideposts to set your course now and revisit for years to come whenever you need to find your way on the neverending path to peak wellness

Because, what happens when I look down at the scale and see that number that is higher than I’ve ever seen it?

I feel guilty. I feel ashamed. I feel like the problem is ME.

I have eaten too much. I have been too lazy.

I have been too selfish.


When we don’t pay attention to how we feel—when we don’t prioritize our feelings—we don’t include our feelings on the list of reasons to change.
Our feelings don’t factor into the solutions we seek out.

And what do we do to people who fail, who are selfish, who we judge, who behave badly?

We punish those people.

So when a diet limits me to half the calories required by a normal adult human? That’s a punishment I think I deserve.

When an exercise regimen feels like torture? That’s what I get for being selfish.

 When my whole family is having pizza while I throw my single-serving frozen brick of crap into the microwave, maybe I’ll remember this well-earned misery the next time I spoil myself with too much “good” food.

Isn’t it incredible that we expect this approach to work?

Is there anyone else on the planet you would treat like this?

That’s why the secret really is to pay attention to how you feel. Because you deserve to have someone who doesn’t ignore your feelings.

You deserve to be taken care of.

You can’t be well and simultaneously ignore your basic needs or your own cries for help.

I'll say it again: I felt horrible.

And when I gave myself five seconds to let that sink in, I automatically, instinctively knew I didn’t want to feel that way anymore and that I DESERVED to feel better.


let's do this.

best savings!

limited offer!

2 payments of $90

1 payment of $159

3 payments of $67




I remembered how good I felt when I ate good, whole, delicious food.

I remembered how good I felt every time I worked out. I joined a gym (F45, baby) that was designed to eliminate the things
that make people at the gym feel like crap (goodbye, mirrors). I was terrified to go, but I believed it would feel amazing.

And I was right

Now, in order to go to the gym, I had to go to bed earlier. Had to. I did and, once again, it felt so good to get to bed earlier.

 Going to bed earlier meant fewer drinks at night, and that . . . actually felt good too.
It felt so good, in fact, that I effectively quit drinking altogether.
Guess how that felt?

You’re damn right it felt good.