Grounding: A natural tool for long-lasting health and wellness

Jen Waterbury

Have you ever stood or sat in the grass and felt peacefully connected to the earth? Perhaps you
couldn’t name the feeling, but you know you felt something. You may be surprised to learn that
when your bare feet or body come in contact with the earth, electrons flow from the earth to
your body. This is “grounding.” So if you swear you felt something, you’re right!

What Does Grounding Do and Why Do It?
Humans need electrons from antioxidants to help decrease acute and chronic inflammation
caused by free radicals—the gateway to disease. Lucky for us, earth is a totally free source of
electrons ready to neutralize free radicals. If you’re on a journey to better your health or
protect your future health, grounding can be a great tool.

How To Practice Grounding
Grounding yourself is easy, especially in nice weather! Get outdoors and put your bare feet on
the earth, or any of the earth’s natural surfaces, for (ideally) at least 30 minutes a day. This will
be difficult in the winter months if you live in a colder climate, but there are various products
available to ground yourself indoors. Check out grounding mats, socks, and other items on the
market today. These products work by connecting to a grounded outlet in your home to
transfer earth’s electrons to your body, just like having your feet on the ground.

What natural surfaces can I use for grounding?
Grass, sand, soil
Plants and live trees
Rocks and gravel (that are touching the earth’s surface)
Lakes, oceans, streams, rivers
Unsealed concrete or unsealed brick

It’s recommended to incorporate grounding into your daily routine to maximize its benefits. If
you’re grounding outdoors, perhaps a post-work walk through the grass works best for you.
During the winter months your routine may be to use a grounding mat while you wash your
dishes every night, or snuggling up under a grounding blanket while you indulge in a good book.
You can even do yoga on a grounded mat!

The process will not only help decrease inflammation, but it can also be an important piece of
your wellness puzzle. Creating routines that combine positive activities for your body will help
decrease stress and improve your physical and mental health and happiness.

The great thing about grounding is that it’s simple, natural, and accessible to almost everyone.
Give it a try to see what barefoot benefits the practice holds for you!

November 2, 2022


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